Nik Kershaw – Ei8ht

The Basics
Wouldn’t it be good if we lived in a world where former 80’s pin-ups were given another chance, even if a quick spot of Googling suggests you wouldn’t want a poster of his face on your wall anymore? Wouldn’t it be good if artists left convenient clues to how many albums they’ve released in the title? Wouldn’t it be good to be acknowledged by VH1 as being the 88th best one-hit-wonder of all time? Can’t remember the name of the song, mind…
The Verdict
It starts surprisingly well! ‘These Tears’ is over-the-top 80’s synth-pop that seems destined to inspire dad-dancing the world over thanks to its infectious hook. It’s a bit of a slippery slope from then on however, failing to sound anything other than outdated, and the line “I hope you wear funky pants” on ‘Enjoy the Ride’ should be the hammer that firmly plants the nails into the coffin of Kershaw’s career.
LP 4/10

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