Newton Faulkner – Studio Zoo

Revolutionary? Forward-thinking? Newton Faulkner? Yep, who’da thunk it?! Faulkner made history by streaming the entire recording process for his new album live, 24/7, for 5 weeks.


This was undoubtedly pretty exciting for his fans who wanted to gaze at an empty studio for half the day, and encourages debate about which other artists should try a similar trick in the future. It can’t just be me that wonders what the hell Pete Doherty gets up to at 3am on a Tuesday morning in Camden…


Sadly, that little gimmick is as interesting as Studio Zoo gets. Undoubtedly, Faulkner is a talented guitar player – just try getting your head around the intro to ‘Plastic Hearts’ – but there’s only so long you can listen to someone reeling off lyrics copied out of a sixth-former’s diary. “Plastic hearts, polystyrene dreams, is this real love?” he asks on the aforementioned track. No Newton, it’s faux-deep, pretentious cack.  


LP 4/10


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