N*E*R*D, a hybrid of rock, hip hop and funk have returned briefly to remind us how addictive and charming their music is. 
Although, this album is primarily the best of two albums, 'In Search of'… and 'Fly or Die', giving it two distinct halves. 
The first half blasts you with a glorious assault on the ears, with the classic 'Rockstar' and raucous 'Lapdance', whilst the second half has glimmers of sophistication with the likes of 'Run To The Sun', which sounds like a Justin Timberlake track that didn't quite make the cut.
Together, Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo know how to turn lacklustre lyrics, into songs with floor filling melodies, encrusted with layers of excellent production and use of rock styling. 
N*E*R*D's individual sound encapsulates the noughties for me, which is drenched with nostalgia of Kerrang, skateboards, attitude and confrontation. 
People may accuse them of being a one trick pony, but why change a formula that works? N*E*R*D's own sound is a prime example of a music mongrel that can get away with not evolving.
Unfortunately, as this only focuses on 50% of their total output, it feels fraudulent to call this a 'best of'.  The later half of their career seems to be miraculously forgotten and somehow ashamed of, like a series of fashion faux pas we'd rather forget we ever made.  It feels like this was just churned out to cash in, but I think even typical fair weather fans are smarter than the record company gives them credit for.  
Lets face it, we could create best of compilations in five minutes on any piece of music software, which unfortunately deems this as a fairly pointless release.
Heather Hawkins


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