MyPlace with Vicky Bates – Pinnacles Takeover

We're scaling superior Student digs The Pinnacles this week. Time to stop off at budding thesp Vicky's apartment for a natter and a nose around in today's MyPlace… 
Victoria is studying Performance for Stage & Screen, so we’re hoping that this will be her very first bit of publicity before she becomes a big star. Remember the little people Vicky! She is currently in rehearsals for an upcoming production of Glee, so if an all singing all dancing jazz hands production is up your street, go check out the tickets for Sheffield Hallam Uni Theatre! Her room was full of a lovely medley of things, our personal favourite being the Unicorn One-sie that she got from her boyfriend, which she tried to chuck in her wardrobe when we arrived. Don’t be ashamed, one-sies are essential winter wear.

Object 1: A hat.
Not just any hat. A free hat from Soyo. A hat that was the basis of much hilarity on Vicky’s first night out with the drama society. We can only imagine the antics that would ensue when free hats and a group of inebriated actors are present. We love free stuff, we love hats. Cool.

Object 2: ‘I Only Do Flat Hills’ badge
Interesting that something so small can signify something so big. This badge was a little gift from Vicky’s parents when she was two weeks into training for a climb up Mount Kilimanjaro! That’s right, casually defying the notion that students are lazy by climbing the highest free-standing mountain in the world. Back in 2011, Vicky was working at Go Outdoors and was picked to be part of the expedition. Climbing to raise money for Daisy chain, a charity that supports autism, it took her eight days to go up and one day to come back down. Quite impressive, no?

Object 3: A tiny umbrella.
From Disneyland no less! Her sister Natalie has one with her name too. Just imagine a tiny little fairy Vicky, dancing around with this tiny umbrella, kitted out with tiny rain boots and a tiny red rain mack. Ok, perhaps we got a little carried away there, but it is just so cute! One of Vicky’s pals liked it so much she made her own normal sized version. Any going spare?

Object 4: The teddy gang.
Is a girl’s bedroom complete without a teddy collection? We think not. The Koala bear is an old favourite that, to this day, goes everywhere with Vicky. This chap even went to Killimajaro, which may just make him the first koala bear ever to make it up there. He even goes on girly holidays, much to the dismay of ‘the girls.’ Not sure how well the koala would cope in Kavos. Russ is a family bear, and it has to be said, they make quite the handsome couple!

Object 5: Guitar
There are many a failed musician out there. Vicky, at the moment, is in this category! Having had the guitar for years, she’s not managed to get lessons so has not learned properly. She did purchase an instructive dvd, which she is yet to get her teeth into. Having left it at home for the first part of Uni, she made her mum bring it up so she would finally get round to rocking out. We’re behind you all the way! Sheffield could do with the next Santana.
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Photography by Georgina Martin. 

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