MyPlace with Jaimee Whitehead – Pinnacles Takeover

MyPlace. No, that’s not a typo, we’re not trying to bring back MySpace (you’ll always be our first interactive friend, Ilovehugs1982)…
Nope, as part of our takeover with student digs The Pinnacles, we were allowed rare access to three students’ rooms to have a little nosey at their sweet pads. Imagine ‘Through the key hole’ but without David Frost, Z list celebs and the terrible hair. Ever wondered what brick-a-brack students hoard? What items they attach significance to? Well, now you can find out. Thankfully, there was not a single Che Guevara poster plastered to the wall. Our relief was palpable.
Jaimee Whitehead, Flat A118
Welcome to the world of Jaimee, a third year Business & Marketing student. Entering her room was akin to entering Pretty in Pink. At any point, a 16 year old Molly Ringwald might pop out and start dancing to Simple Minds. Even her internet cable was pink! Girly knick knacks nestled amongst Hello Kitty souvenirs, photos of friends and shoes…A LOT of shoes. Family orientated and fun, this is definitely the sort of room we’d want to be getting dolled up in.

Object 1: A Letter from her sister Leanne
Jaimee’s sister left her this note before heading off to start Nottingham Uni six years ago. Amongst the niceties, Leanne laid down the law. ‘Love you sis, miss you sis, but don’t touch my stuff and don’t steal any of my clothes!’ You know how it goes. Needless to say, Jaimee did not heed these rules. We have it on good knowledge that stuff was touched, and clothes were borrowed. Sorry Leanne. Jaimee didn’t return the favour of a heartfelt letter to her younger sister when she left for Uni either. Charming!

Object 2: Hello Kitty Tea Cup Clock
Here at Exposed HQ, we’re particularly jealous of this one. The clock was one of Jaimee’s many Hello Kitty related items; she loves that little cat almost as much as she loves pink. Guess what, her older sister got her the clock in first year. What a generous lady! We reckon she’s owed a pressie or two, you know, after all the clothes stealing etc.

Object 3: Toy Duck
We’d like you to introduce you to Quackers. *Cue tiny violin* The duck saved from obscurity by Jaimee’s boyfriend. This little guy was the last toy left on the shelf in Sainsburys, reduced to a mere one pound. Feeling sorry for the little duck, and having a strong sense of social responsibility (we think), Jaimee decreed the need to take the duck home and her fella obliged. Now he’s happy kicking back with Hello Kitty in the comfort of A118, the lonely Sainsbury’s shelf a thing of the past. Well done Jaimee’s boyfriend, we salute you!

Object 4: The Night Out Wall.
The classic ‘night out montage wall.’ The best/only way to remember that time you went out dressed as a Nannan and ended up snogging ‘Where’s Wally.’ A mix of hilarious photos from the most fun times at Uni. All respecting students have a wall like this in one form or another. Jaimee’s favourite night out? Understandably, they all blur into one, but she does give a special mention to Monday night SHAG at The Leadmill as a consistently good party. Apparently there is no longer a bucking bronco penis there. Shame, those were the days.

Object 5: Grandma’s Suitcases.
Shout out to Grandma Helen on this one! We just love these slightly battered suitcases, dug out from the depths of Jaimee’s Grandma’s loft. Everything comes back round, so they say, and this lot can definitely be classed as vintage chic. Used to lug all her gear from home to Uni, the suitcases are getting another round of use. The oldies are definitely the besties.
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Photography by Georgina Martin. 


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