MyPlace with Curtis – Pinnacles Takeover

Time for our last MyPlace. Sob.
Our look into the lives (and drawers) of some of superlative student des res ‘The Pinnacles’ homies. Imagine ‘Through the key hole’ but without David Frost, Z list celebs and the terrible hair. Meet Curtis – you will probably want to go for a pint with him once you've read this…
Curtis Parker-Milnes
Flat C33B
Curtis is quite an outstanding young man. This is mostly because he is a boy and has a really tidy bedroom. But also because, when he was 14 he was diagnosed with cancer and underwent 8 months of chemotherapy.  Having overcome the disease, he is now studying Radiotherapy at Uni as a means of giving back to the NHS and helping people who are in a position he knows all too well. What a guy eh? Seriously though, his room was mega tidy too.

Object 1: Plectrum
A plectrum from a Rise Against Gig ( Leeds 02 Academy, 2011). This happened to be the fourth time Curtis has seen the band, so we’re fairly sure they’re up there with his faves. In fact, he likes them so much that he went to see them again two days later and met Tom Morello. Score!

Object 2: 3 Wise Reapers
A ghoulish take on the three wise monkeys, these three creepy hooded figures represent the maxim ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.’ Curtis isn’t into the occult or anything; he just picked these trinkets up in a shop in Whitby, which is of course, the centre of all evil. They’re mega little additions to any room, boy’s need to accessorise to!

Object 3: Fish finger photo complete with frame.
When they were kids, Curtis’ mum use to give him and his little sister Faith fish fingers on a fairly frequent basis. Now while Jamie Oliver may not have approved, this became a bit of a running joke between family and friends. When he left for uni, one such family friend lovingly framed a picture of the fried fishy delights and told him that if ever he felt homesick he should look at his picture and hey presto! He’d feel right at home. Who knew fish fingers could be so powerful.

Object 4: World Map
Once he’s finished his degree, Curtis wants to travel, so this map acts as an incentive. One day he hopes to have the map filled up with all the places he’s been. Top of the list? The Trans Siberian Express journey and the opening ceremony for Rio Olympics. Starting off small then eh?

Object 5: Gary Monkey
Or, as we believe it should be pronounced, Gary Monkeh. He’d definitely have a strong northern accent! This fella has big things coming his way; he’s going to be Curtis’ travel companion. He’ll have photos in countries all over the world, and I’m sure he’ll help out in those lonely moments when fish fingers just won’t do.

Object 6: Fire Exit Sign
The night out token. Every student should have one. Normally they take the form of a traffic cone, so Curtis has really pushed the boat out on this one, I mean, it glows in the dark! A prize from the very first Radio Therapy and Oncology night out, of which Curtis organised. Not only does he tackle the learning of Radio THerapy, dealing with a local magazine and their many demands, he is also the course rep! Finding the time to party too. What a lad.

Object 7: Sheffield Steelers Foam Hand
Not one to be defined by his student hood, Curtis and his pal went for a night with the locals to see the Sheffield Steelers. They won 5-4 on a penalty shoot-out which is always the kind of sporting drama you want to see! The night took a slightly hairy turn when they went to the pub after, the same night Leeds and Sheffield Wednesday played and the Leeds fan walloped the keeper. Not a good night to be a Leeds fan. (Curtis is a Leeds fan).

Object 8 : Port –A- Cath
As we have already mentioned, C-Dog had cancer of the kidney when he was 14. This port- a-cath, which he was allowed to keep, was inserted under his armpit. Through this little object, the chemotherapy was injected into his blood stream and, thankfully, did its job and killed off the cancer! He still has scars under his armpit and on his collar bone from the insertion points. It acts as a strange but amazing keepsake. He keeps it as a reminder of what has been and all the amazing things there are to come. Note: despite being off school for most of year 10, Curtis still got one A*, five A’s and three B’s. Smarty pants.

Object 9: Empire State Building (replica, obvs)
A souvenir from Curtis’ trip to NYC. Having always wanted to go to New York and visit this building, after a tough couple of years his family decided to make the trip in 2010. Mum, Dad and Sister all went across to the Big Apple, saw the sights and had a jolly nice time. This little token is a signifier of happy times and Curtis’ room is filled with positive and forward thinking bit and bobs. It’s all about peace, love and happiness maaan. We could probably all take a note from his book!
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Photography by Georgina Martin. 


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