Musicians Bid For Success

Being a solo musician or part of a band isn’t all glitz, glamour and groupies, you know? Ask any mic-slinger and they’ll confirm this through damp eyes. Yup, nothing makes a musician sob like a bill.


“HOW MUCH!?” Studio time, rehearsal space, travel costs, recording, merch, videos, CDs… the list is longer than Harry Styles’ bed post. Thank goodness for BACKSTAGE:UK, we say! 


The new kid on the Sheffield music landscape has a simple mission – to make music beautiful! A team of video, sound, and lighting experts, BACKSTAGE:UK film stunning acoustic/electric sessions – which bands and solo acts can then tart around on their social media pages. To celebrate their arrival, BACKSTAGE:UK want to gift one lucky act with a session worth £700 – which includes a two-song recording stint, a photo shoot and some cheeky press!


To bag the loot, simply follow @BackstageukTV and be the highest unique bidder when their friendly auction kicks off on Monday 16 September . If the highest bid is 53p, then so be it, but shame on you if so – ALL proceeds are going to Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity (so don’t be so flippin’ tight!).


Here's some videos to show you exactly what they do!






For more information visit their Website and Facebook!


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