Music: The Olympic Legacy

Ask people what they remember about the opening or the closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games and it won't be long before you're talking about the music… 
It doesn't matter whether or not you were excited to see the re-united Spice Girls ("For the record, we're in the 'Yes' Camp. Or 'Yes, camp', depending on your POV" – Music Ed), the point I’m making is that the music would have made an impression to the point where you have an opinion.
Music is the great communicator, a link across the years to emotions and memories which no other art form can match, so it’s no surprise that it played such a large part of the ceremony. If there’s anyone out there still interested in such things, it is notable how many of the songs featured made subsequent chart entries. John Lennon’s Imagine sits next to classics from Kate Bush and the Who, (although allowing George to perform his latest single is a sad reflection of the thinly veiled commercialism of the Olympic Games. But hey ho, they did it at Live Aid, and we’ve forgiven them for that).
Only music has the power to involve the entire audience, to get us up to dance, and to unite a roomful of people with otherwise disparate views and tastes. Let’s not lose sight of the power music has, and make one of the legacies of the Games is an appreciation of the music we all love…

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