Motherham, South Yorkshire – Museums Sheffield's Bioblitz

Arriving just a little too late for us to record the bumble bee the size of a Ford Mondeo that we found floating woozily around the office last month, Museums Sheffield and Sorby Natural History Soc’s ‘Bioblitz’ – this weekend – turns Sheffield into a really wild show.


Offering all the Safari thrlls with none of the removal of car wing mirrors by monkeys, BioBlitz is offering everything from Moth spotting in Gillfield Wood to Bat regarding in Crookes – for free!  (As long as you make sure to record that previously unseen variety of caterpillar hiding under a sycamore tree- no wait, that’s a Toffee Crisp wrapper. Sorry.)


Bioblitz recorded over a thousand species last year and they’re aiming to beat that in 2013 so if the idea of a free guided nature walk (in the dead of night! With bats! Squeeee! *Exposed runs away screaming*) sounds fun find out more here and be at one with nature this weekend.


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