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Out With The Old, In With The New!


Exposed takes a look around the new Moor Market. 


Today saw the dawning of a new era in Sheffield – with the opening of the new Moor Market.


Whilst some will harbour cherished memories of the old Castle Market, the move is no doubt an exciting one – and the latest in the regeneration of The Moor area of the city. Redevelopment of the market had been in proposal since the 1980s, but schemes fell victim to the 1990s recession. Now, just in time for the festive season no less, the opening of the new and improved market has got the city buzzing.

Thanks to the council and private developers, the £18m market encompasses 200 stalls, including a loop of meat and fish retailers and 12 cafes/food outlets – all of which are expected to attract around 100,000 people weekly according to Council Chiefs. The new build bares a glass-covered arched entrance hall and internally intricate exposed timber frames – the same as those used in the city’s Winter Gardens. The whole venture is ripe for success – with an architecturally artistic semblance that speaks of Yorkshire ingenuity and craftsmanship.

The 79,000 sq ft retail space houses a fantastic blend of traditional market produce and modern retail goods – amongst which are high quality, locally sourced fresh produce such as meat, fish, vegetables and fruit as well as cakes, confectionary and much more. The Moor Market isn’t only a haven for foodies but is also a great spot for some retail therapy – hosting stalls selling treasures and trinkets. The new infrastructure is for the benefit of the community, and there’s high expectations for it – with almost 95% of city dwellers claiming they’d visit the market once built. The master plan is to inject new life into Moor area and strengthen the retail high street of Sheffield.

As a cosmopolitan, multi-cultural city, the new Moor Market is a welcome hub for regeneration, agriculture and hospitality. Although the demise of our original Sheffield market will be a loss to many, especially the generations that grew up with its stalls being a central part of their lifestyle, the unveiling of this new, modern building is something we should all embrace. Open 8:30am – 5:30pm from Monday to Saturday, it’s time for a new chapter in Sheffield’s history. Join us as we take a look inside…


Happy Valley by Yee Kwan

Happy Valley Ice Cream Bar is the creation of Yee Kwan Ice Cream. 

Yee Kwan established her artisan ice cream business nearly 4 years ago and has since gained a reputation for offering innovative and unique Far Eastern inspired ice cream flavours – winning a number of Great Taste Awards for her products.

“Our customers would always ask where they could buy our products when they met us at events around Sheffield, so when we heard about the Moor Markets opening we thought it was an opportunity too good to miss” says Yee Kwan. “I have fond memories of visiting the ice cream parlour in Atkinsons when I was a child – so to be opening our first store in the new Moor Markets is very exciting.”

Yee Kwan has fantastic memories of family holidays to Hong Kong – loving the energy, vibrancy and delicious food adventures she’d have as a child. She wanted to pay homage to her Chinese heritage by naming her new stall Happy Valley – a district in Hong Kong.

Probably the most crucial part of Yee Kwan’s concept is the incorporation of delicious and unique flavours. Some of the most renowned are the best-selling Green Tea ice-cream (using premium organic matcha powder), the award-winning flavour of the eyebrow raising Black Sesame Seed ice-cream and perfumed Lychee sorbet. You can tuck in to these guilt-free as they don’t have any nasty artificial colours or flavouring.

Yee Kwan’s products are also available in independent stores and many restaurants. Try something a little different and delve into some eclectic and original artic pleasures of the dessert world. The taste of the orient doesn’t get any sweeter than this.


Cossack Cuisin

Defying common assumption that Russian’s are only good for Vodka, Cossack Cuisin offers up home-grown, scrummy grub. They started off at local farmer’s markets but have set up stall in the Moor Market for a static space dedicated to satisfying food-stuff like baked potato, pizza and the traditional bread bowl – with optional fillings of five-bean stew and beef goulash. It’s good food with a Russian accent.


Punch Stores

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, then be sure to call at Punch Stores. The stall is top of the tree when it comes to confectionary and baked goodies – with a considerable selection that will make your eyes widen, your mouth dribble and your belly rumble. Quality products and a dedicated stall owner all contribute to the success of Punch Stores with its loyal customers. 


Beer Central

Located in the impressive main entrance of Moor Market, making it easy to dip in and out for a quick beer, lies Beer Central – a small but perfectly formed haven for craft beer lovers.

A city centre retail outlet which aims to compliment all the outstanding pubs that Sheffield has to offer, it’s bursting at the seams with beery goodness. Up to 400 different bottled beers are on offer alongside the likes of 5L mini-casks, beer books/guides, beer branded clothing & branded glassware.

From local brewers such as Steel City, Bradfield, Wood Street, Kelham Island, Sheffield Brewery and Acorn, to national UK beers including Magic Rock, Brewdog and The Kernel, they offer drinks not typically found in the supermarket. A small but select choice of cider is also available alongside an impressive international offering (Hawaiian beer, anyone?).

A loyalty card scheme with exclusive discounts and offers called ‘Beer with Benefits’ operates from January and they actively encourage people to use social media – use #tweetthefridge if you want a beer or two cooling down before you collect and take away. Ain’t technology wonderful?


Waterall Brothers Ltd

Waterall Brothers Ltd are specialist butchers providing unbeatable meat and poultry. Like all true butchers they’ll happily prepare your meat and help you find whatever your carnivorous taste buds are craving. Their produce has been known to be stocked at some of the best local haunts in the city – and we can’t get enough of their pork pies!


Coffee @ Moor Market Café

Sit down and relax with a choice of Cappuccino, Latte, Americano and much more at Nicholas Tissington’s Coffee @ Moor Market Café. Choose a tasty naughty treat to nibble alongside your cuppa and enjoy the inspiring settings of Moor Market’s impressive architecture.


Mrs Shah’s Curry Mix

Mrs Shah offers authentic and traditional curry. Forget heavy and calorific sauces, Shah uses recipes passed down from the family – including her complex 19 herbs and spices blend that give her curries full and intense flavours. Free of artificial preservatives and additives, Shah’s dishes are a healthy alternative made to order – guaranteed for both freshness and taste.


Pop-Up Pantry

Pop-Up Pantry consists of four stalls clustered together in a prime, busy location – right at the heart of the food area of the market. Each stall is fitted for food and drink retail with all a day tenant’s needs – lighting, shelving, shop counters, display areas, boards for offers and info. This is an amazing opportunity for food businesses to promote and engage with customers.


Smokey Sams

Being a family run business established in 2001, Smokey Sams have plenty of experience in running a good head shop – continually going from strength to strength.

Earlier this year they opened their second shop In Barnsley city centre (7 The Arcade, S70 2Q, 01226 733000) and have since put together a new website It ‘s not e-commerce – but is great if you fancy checking out some of their products before nipping down to the new market stall.  

They have a great range of stock which changes weekly and offer everything from contact lenses and piercings to blunt papers, scales and seeds.  As they put it, “If we don’t have it, it’s not worth selling” – but, by all means, if there’s something you want or need that you can’t find just pop down to Smokey’s and speak to one of the four members of staff who will source it for you. 

At the moment they offer a 12% discount for all NUS card holders and, for the first month of trading, they’re giving away a load of free goodies.

Last but not least, they’re stockist of Mirage and Cyber Cig e-cigarette’s – so, if you need any liquid fill-ups or accessories, head to the stall or call (0114) 275 40 43 for more.


Needless to say, many more stalls and traders await inside. So, go forth, explore – and show your support.


Did You Know..?

The opening of the new Moor Market was marked by a tradition dating back at least 400 years. In 1609 two officers were recruited to ensure no corn was bought or sold at Sheffield’s market until a bell was rung. At 10am on Monday 25 November, a bell dating back to 1851 rang out to announce that the new Moor Market is open for business.

The bell used in the ceremony was discovered during a clear out at Castle Market in preparation for the move to The Moor. It hung in Norfolk Market Hall, which opened on Christmas Eve 1851 and was demolished in 1959 to make way for Castle Market.

It was rung for the first time in 54 years by Renee Granelli, whose family has operated market stalls selling sweets and ice cream in Sheffield for 130 years, and Anton Smith – one of the new traders at the Moor Market selling African-Caribbean speciality food. 


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