MoonKo presents Badger and Kingdom in Birds Yard

MoonKo presents Badger and Kingdom in Birds Yard


Sheffield is one of the UK’s greenest cities, so it stands to reason that many of the fashion brands we nurture here are inspired by our wildlife. Badger & Kingdom are just one of the fantastic indie retailers stocked in Bird’s Yard on Chapel Walk, and as you’ll see they have definitely drawn inspiration from our abundance of greenery.


Badger & Kingdom is pretty hot off the rails, born just a few months ago into a range of sweet illustrated unisex t-shirts. You might remember we featured Grizzly Co a few months back on the Exposed blog, so there’s certainly a theme emerging of hand drawn mammals.



There’s a slight Where The Wild Things Are feel to the stock (though that may just be my marginal obsession with crown and anything illustrated right now….) and there is a real commitment to conscientious design. Right now, you can either order online or in person from Bird’s Yard in Sheffield’s city centre – which for a Sheffield-based company definitely means very limited air miles for production. All the tees can be found in the MoonKo section.


It sounds like the company have lots of ideas for the next range in the pipeline, and whether or not they stick to animal royalty – you, dear reader, will be the first to know.



To find out more, check out their Facebook page or pop down to Bird’s Yard on Chapel Walk.



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