Mogwai: Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will

Hailing from Glasgow, Mogwai formed in 1995 and recorded their debut album Young Team in 1997. They have since earned a reputation at the heart of the UK Post-Rock scene.
Specialising in long, melodic instrumental rock songs, Mogwai eschew traditional song writing in favour of epic fifteen minute rock outs and unique structure. The band have released seven studio albums, along with the soundtrack for Zidane: A 21st century portrait.
Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will is easily Mogwai’s most accessible album in some time. The album brings a new and modern emphasis on electronic effects and heavy sounds that even stray close to dance music mid way through the record and, most shockingly of all, some songs even feature a true rarity from a band known for their wilfully anti-commercial sound: lyrics.
Stepping back from the heavy rock and metal influences of recent releases, the new album returns to a softer, melodic tone but it’s never backwards looking.
Hardcore… provides a cutting edge update on the post-rock sound and keeps Mogwai in the spotlight as one of the UK’s most fascinating bands. 
Dan Phillips



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