Mocking Chair – It's Exposed Crowdsourced Cover Version Album!

It's our exclusive Cover Story!
Tomorrow, Mercury Taxis are taking over The Leadmill to bring you the mother of all Tribute Festivals with replicas of your favourite bands – including professional copy-cats Oases, Kings Ov Leon, Uk Foo Fighters and Pure Pearl Jam (Don't forget to like the good people at Mercury on their Twitter or like their Facebook Page to get your hands on FREE tickets for the event)! 
Now, here at Exposed we don’t like to do anything by halves, so we decided to create the ultimate cover versions album. Our music knowledge is meek and insignificant in comparison to our readers, so we enlisted the help of youse all to help build the Rockinest experience since the great Tinsley Hammock Convention of '86!
You did not let us down. Welcome to 'Mocking Chair' – the ultimate cover versions album; a healthy mix of excellence, amusement and downright rip offs.  Look no further for Father’s Day presents or Drive Time CDs: this is all you’ll ever need.

Don't forget, Exposed'll be joining the acts for in-character chat, tunes, Footos and on the spot reporting on the night – plus a very special surprise curtain raiser. It all kicks off at 5pm on our Twitter, with the gig from 7.30. We'll see you (or someone who looks a lot like you) there!

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