Mercury Taxis' Big Night Out!

Those cheeky cabbies at Mercury Taxis have taken over our website!
Sheffield’s premier Taxi Company have stuffed our computer bods into the boot and driven off to an unknown location for the week (it’s ok, we’ve been told there are air holes and mince pies…they’ll be fine) while the Exposed website gets a Mercury Makeover. What with December being a time of merriment and companionship, they’ve done their festive deed and sorted you lot out with some seriously good nights out so you can party with your pals on the cheap! Every day, there will be a load of fun stuff going on around the website where you can win club tickets, good grub and a some exciting activities, all with free taxis to chauffeur you around. Happy ruddy Christmas! Perhaps Mercury can stuff our web team in the boot more often? (See *)
Kicking off with a whopper, today’s prize is ‘Christmas Dinner and a Movie for two’ at the wonderful Showroom Cinema. Sheffield’s cinematic pride and joy, The Showroom is a hub for film buffs and provides our city with the most interesting cinema on the market. Not to mention, they’re currently serving up their delicious Christmas menu all December to ensure your film won’t be disturbed by pesky tummy rumbling (you know who you are.)
So, whether you want to get into the Christmas Spirit and catch ‘It’s A Wonderful Life,’ or sit in awe of Peter Jackson’s epic, ‘The Hobbit,’  just answer the question below for a chance to win Christmas Dinner and a Movie for two (and your taxis there and back. Score.)
According to their website, how long have Mercury Taxis been successfully operating?
a)      3 weeks.
b)      2 years
c)       Over 20 years.
Click here to enter!
* No Exposed staffers were hurt in this article.
Sheffield’s premier Taxi Company, Mercury Taxis is a family run business with over four hundred licensed vehicles. To make your journey memorable for all the right reasons, call them on 0114 266 2662 and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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