Melvins – Freak Puke

Melvins – Freak Puke
Freak Puke is the Melvins’18th album, and it’s a corker.
A portentous bass line kicks off ‘Mr Rip Off’ before violins swarm over the track and Buzz Osbourne launches into a sleazy riff.
‘Inner Ear Rupture’ is a jagged burst of instrumental nastiness with bass, guitar and drums launching off before giving way to a sawing cello that grinds out a crazy solo.
‘Baby Wont You Weird Me Out’ starts off as a demented jig, with violins battling against the band’s effortless groove. Bass and drums take over to swing against snatches of buzzing cello.
Weirdo vocals give ‘Worm Farm Walt’ a sinister edge that is ratcheted up by a stabbing cello riff and caveman drumming.
The Melvins really get their groove going with ‘A Growing Disgust’, a track that reeks of Master Of Reality-era Sabbath.
‘Leon vs. The Revolution’ hams it up. Fruity distorted vocals are buried by a lovely bit of thrash-guitar. The music stops and a mass of voices chant ‘fight, fight, fight’ ad nauseam until the track falls silent.
‘Holy Barbarians’ channels the Residents, with creepoid vocals and tinny electronics adding to an unholy racket.
There’s squiggly guitar work on the title track, and Osbourne spits out his words like a redneck whose head is being slowly crushed in a vice.
‘Let Me Roll It’ is a leery singalong, before ‘Tommy Goes Beserk’ rounds things off with a surging riff and vocals that sound like a reptilian Mick Jagger.
James Archer

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