Geo Law Meadowhall

Meadowhall Art Statue: Geo Law

Local illustrator Geo Law is doodling his way to fame, having recently been commissioned to create unique artwork for both Meadowhall shopping centre and the newly opened Dunkin’ Donuts café in Leeds.

In celebration of Meadowhall’s 25th birthday, Geo was asked to customise one of twelve fibreglass love-heart statues. Each heart was to be sponsored by a different Sheffield charity, with Geo’s heart supported by The Children’s Hospital Charity who suggested a bold and vibrant design to positively reflect the Steel City’s landmarks. He completed his piece over two days with the use of emulsion and Uni-Ball Posca pens and the Meadowhall Heart Art Statues are now on display for your viewing pleasure. The second project involved a live mural doodling on the opening day of Dunkin’ Donuts café in the Merrion shopping centre, Leeds. The design, consisting of crazy characters, local buildings and simple splashes of colour, was completed within a day using Uni-Ball Posca pens and no pencil guides. Get a load more of Geo and his work at

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