Mass Refect – Classic SU Music Venue goes Virtual

From Radiohead and Led Zeppelin to David Bowie and PJ Harvey, The Lower Refectory at The University of Sheffield's Students' Union may have left for the great gig in the sky, but the seminal music venue still holds a grip on many of the greatest artists (and audiences) of the last fifty years…


And now it's enjoying a virtual afterlife thanks to a new Twitter account from The SU! Follow @LowerRefectSU and you can get links to archive Refectory recordings from the likes of The Smiths and The Stone Roses, plus memorabilia pics, archive reviews and setlists and more, all set to a background of approaching demolition balls.


It's a fictional 'character' account, then, a bit like the ones for Sheffield's Arts Tower, Hunters Bar Roundabout and The Hole in the Road – and as well as being a great soundtrack to the venue (now remimagined as The Foundry for 2013) it's also a bit of a tearjerker – @LowerRefectSU is set just as the diggers were moving in to redevelop so there's lots of musings on falling masonry and treacherous spiders fleeing at the first rumblings of bulldozers.


The Lower Refectory exerted a strong grip on many a band though – Pulp played the Refectory eight times, no less and the likes of John Martyn and Radiohead were round every other week over the years – and the good people at The SU are also hinting at The Lower Refectory being the first part painterly daubs of a bigger picture, so this looks like it might just be the support for an even bigger headliner…


Part of Exposed's Nights Out Sheffield Takeover.


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