Market So! Sharrow Vale Markets Return

If you saw Exposed’s Online Editor being chased down the street by a rooster at the last one you’ll know there’s more to Sharrow Vale Market than just a hoo-ha of teh amaze local food producers…
Food metre hombres like Moss Valley Meats and Sheffield Honey do star of course, but there’s also lots of other attractions like books and art and crafts – as well as web-manager-hating poultry – as Hunters Bar's  boutique-ey Sharrowvale Road is transformed into a walkabout this Sunday from 12-4pm. What are tasty Moroccan foodies Otto’s Restaurant looking forward to? “We’re working!” Oops. “People know we’re there so we tend to get lots of people drop in for a cup of tea. It’s actually a really special day. We don’t always get to see other traders in the area so it’s lovely to look around and see what people are selling. There’s a woman called Launa who does amazing cakes…”
But can Otto's confirm the info everyone's after? Will there be sunshine? “We’ve a good track record. I think they book the weather in advance!"
Sharrow Vale Market takes over Sharrowvale Road in Hunter's Bar this Sunday 21st April from 12-4pm. Visit the Sharrowvale website for more info.

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