Man vs Burger at The Harley Today!

Having just spent the weekend recreating Mount Nacho, we can understand The Harley's obsession with the gastro buster that is Man vs Food…
Smart, charming and liable to knock your block off if you try for his fishcake, host Adam Richman is a Sheffielder in all but name. And now, following the success and hilarity of their last Man vs Burger compo, the Harley are carving a new hole on their belt in anticipation of round two. 
For one week only, The Harley's Man vs Burger will see the pub once more become an arena for the noble sport of competitive eating. In a series of heats over the week hungry participants will race one another to be the first to finish their legendary Monster Burger, (a burger that disappoints only in the sense that it doesn't actually contain any monsters), leading to a grand finale to find the ultimate champion. The prize? Respect, a certificate, and a year’s worth of Harley burgers.
Heats begin TODAY and those who fancy taking on The Monster can sign up for a heat at the bar. It's £5.00 to enter, which covers the cost of the burger and the grand finale will be held on Saturday 13th Oct, with accompanying drinks offers to ensure there's a crowd hungry for a good show.
For more info visit The Harley website here. 
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