Make A Splash At Ponds Forge!

There are not many things on this planet quite as satisfying as a well executed water bomb.
You take a deep breath and begin your run up, then leap for the sky and form that perfect scrunch position, for a moment you feel suspended in mid-air before gravity takes hold and stubbornly drags you back down in to the water. If done correctly you shall shower everybody within an 8 foot radius as you plummet rapidly through the depths. You will then resurface to a sea of reproachable faces and a very stern lifeguard.

Water bombs have become something of a taboo subject in the health and safety dominated pools of today, they have been portrayed as ASBO worthy behaviour exhibited by teens hell bent on ruining everyones aquatic leisure time. We have not seen a good 'bomb' for donkeys years.
But this is all set to change! The yellow tape surrounding pool etiquette shall be removed during the evening of Wednesday 1 May where Ponds Forge shall be opening it's doors and diving boards for this years World Water Bombing Championships! 
The event will be raising funds for Macmillan Cancer Support and applicants will be invited in teams of four to don a fancy dress of their choice and consequently chuck themselves off the diving board, the scores shall then be rated based on style, presentation and of course the splash! 
Did anyone see that Tom Daley reality show 'Splash'? – no, we didn't either but we imagine it to be like that but entertaining.
So if you feel like indulging yourself in these poolside frivolities whilst raising money for a cracking cause then click here to check out the facebook page. 
To register phone – 0300 1000 200

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