Magician in da Hood! Well… hall.

We occasionally fancy ourselves as amateur magicians up at Exposed Towers.
You know, we’ll find a coin behind your ears now and again, pull an unsuspecting rabbit or two out of a top-hat and fling it out into the alleyway when we realise that no-one was impressed – all good, family friendly fare. Well, that was until one day our Ed reckoned he could make a baby elephant appear in the office. Shortly after he’d turned his pockets out we decided it would be best to leave it to the professionals from then on.
Luckily for us, the star of BBC1’s ‘Magicians’, Pete Firman, is fetching his Hoodwinker show to Sheffield to show us plain folk how it’s done proper. The magician-come-comedian will be stopping off at The City Hall on Thursday February 28th as part of a country-wide jaunt which sees him taking a break from an often hectic TV schedule – alongside Magicians, he’s recently featured on Celebrity Come Dine with Me and Celebrity Mastermind (even winning the latter) as well as hosting his own show, Dirty Tricks.

Having started out as part of comedy duo Monkey Magic, the ever-busy TV star has even found the time to conjure up a book – ‘Tricks to Freak Out Your Friends’ – and his show promises to be a baffling blend of jaw dropping illusions and mind-boggling tricks. So, if you want to see what Pete is keeping up his sleeve, visit for more information. Tickets are £13.00.

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