Low-Effort Games for the Casual Gamer


Looking at video games today, it’s plain as day that the focus has shifted from providing players with simple entertainment and giving players a platform to compete on. There’s certainly nothing wrong with this. Competitive games are incredible in their own right and often exactly what we need to blow off some steam, but other times, we want to sit back and relax with a game that doesn’t require too much strenuous activity. If you’re in the mood to play something that’s low effort and relaxing, here’s what you can focus on.

Online Slots

Casinos are often high-energy, exciting, and crowded. While this can be a great thing when we’re in the mood to party, it’s not what we think of when we’re looking for something low-effort. Luckily, online casinos have a fix for that. Unlike their traditional counterparts, online casinos are available from the comfort of your own home. What’s even better, a great online casino Canada has tons of games to pick and choose from.

While classics like Poker and Roulette can be a good start, slots are the perfect lazy day games for when you want to let your mind wander! They come in various popular game genres, support different types of gameplay, and never fail to bring high-quality entertainment to the table. Choose from one of the many options available and enjoy a fun adventure that doesn’t require much effort.

Console Classics

There’s nothing like a bit of nostalgia to put us in a good mood, and no one does nostalgia better than the classic console games from back in the days. Sure, some of these games might have demanded a bit of complicated maneuvering to get to the next level, but more often than not, they’re the perfect mix of dumb luck and button mashing. The simple design, basic gameplay mechanics, and undeniable entertainment make them a perfect go-to for when you’re not in the mood to put effort into gaming.

If your old consoles aren’t handy, you can always download an emulator and play these older games on your PC or smartphone. Emulators are pretty easy to set up and offer support for most of the classic consoles we all know and love. Find a game you like, boot it up, and enjoy a fun-filled trip down memory lane!

Story Games

Here’s one you probably might not have thought of. Interactive story games have been around for a long, long time, but lately, they’ve picked up plenty of steam on mobile. These games are an excellent low-effort choice as all the gameplay requires from the user is picking between listed options. In essence, these games are a book where you can weigh in on the outcome, and other than the need to follow the storyline, there’s practically nothing else the players need to do to enjoy them.

Racing Games

Racing games might not seem like they belong on this list, but when you think about it, they can be just what we need when we’re not in the mood to play an online shooter. Sure, racing games can be insanely competitive even when they’re not multiplayer, but other than some basic steering the mechanics of these games are pretty simple. This casual form of gameplay is even more apparent if you choose to play a racing game on a mobile device. Racing games seem to be the best of both worlds, bringing a ton of excitement while still managing to keep things clean and simple.

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