Low Duo; The EP of Hope & Despair (5 tracks)

Low Duo are brothers Adam and Leigh Greenwood, from Sheffield.
They emerged from the ashes of highly regarded indie band, Dark Sparks, and have released this, their debut EP of 5 songs.  Squabbles with the other members of the band over a lack of commitment are now behind them, and they have combined to deliver a personal and intimate set of tunes.  Less of a band effort, more of a ‘made in our front-room’ sort of release.
Promising stuff, and it’s all the better for the stripped down approach, which allows their songs to be appreciated all the more. 
It’s just one voice and one instrument; either guitar or keyboard.  I particularly liked ‘House on the Hill’, which is a poetic love song of sorts, with a driving guitar sound, but for me they’ve saved the best until last with the track ‘It Was You and Me’.  It’s at times a ballad but verges on the edge of becoming a rock song throughout. 
The rest of the EP shows great promise, and highlights the very real talents of the Brothers Greenwood.  The lyrics are poetic and heartfelt, and the delivery is totally compelling.  They are playing a series of local gigs over the coming weeks, and these should confirm their emergence as a new and important local talent.
Mark Perkins


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