Low Down & Later – Greystones' Jools Riff-Off

If we've one problem with Jools Holland there's not enough of him…


One hour of dedicated music programming a week, BBC? It's a crying shame. So kudos to Sheffield's Low Duo who are going to be attempting a very Northern twist on everyone's fave joanna-basher's 'Later… with' show on Saturday 3 August at The Greystones.


Just like Jools' long running (since 1992! We were still watching Round the Twist then) show, the unique and possibly copyright infringing night sees Adam and Leigh from Low Duo joined by fellow Exposed In Sessioners See Emily Play, Pete David from The Payroll Union and David J Roch for a gig with no official headliner and a random running order. Each act plays two songs before handing over to the next  – and on – complete with a special guest host. We had a chat with Adam Duo to find out more…


Exposed: Who had the idea (Well, Jools Holland did really I guess). But who thought of transforming the format for The Greystones?


Adam: I've been a fan of 'Later with Jools Holland' for a long time and always fancied the idea of turning it into something we could be a part of. We'd booked The Greystones a while back and thought, "Hey, this might actually work!"


So we just contacted some of our 'scene-buddies' who also happen to be spectacular music artists and thankfully they all seem really excited (and intrigued) to be a part of it.  I think the audience will be the true winners here; cheap entry and no filler – all great and totally different music artists from Sheffield. 



Which members of the other artists on the bill would you most like to play boogie woogie on an old piano with?


That is an impossible question! You could be maxing it up Americana-blues-style with Pete David of the Payroll Union. But then again, you could be getting intoxicated by the sheer musicality of See Emily Play. To be fair, you've also got the soothing, mercurial vocals of David J Roch – it doesn't make a boogie woogie choice very simple. I guess I would rotate that gig as well…


Will there be boogie woogie on a piano as an intro or would there be a better intro from Low Duo’s point of view?


Sadly, no planned boogie piano. But that's probably for the best isn't it?



How are you gonna work out the random running order? Will there be a series of herculean tasks for you all to perform?


It's going to be two songs apiece with a few short interludes to give people chance to top-up on the Thornbridge (a good excuse as any for a Greystones knees-up). We'll be playing around six to eight songs each and picking the opening act, after each short interlude, out of a hat. This is the bit where the audience can wreak their havoc!  The only herculean task is keeping everyone to just two songs before they rotate again. We're all passionate about our own music so of course with the adrenaline flowing we'd be hard pushed not to just power through and chuck each other off stage! I think we've got an amazing line-up here. Considering that Pete David has just performed for thousands at Music in the Gardens with his brand of alt-history blues, then you've got See Emily Play who's trailblazing the scene with her folk-fusion compositions and David J Roch who's been stirring emotions so powerful grown men weep with his gigs across USA, Europe and Sheffield. 


For the uninitiated, we're going to be playing our uniquely minimal alt-folk-punk. When playing live to an audience, I think we set the bar pretty high! This year we were thrilled to have launched our first album 'Dive and Slide into the Blue' which attracted the ears of The Guardian, Drowned in Sound, Tom Robinson and even the British Library Sound Archives. Our other big success this year was a sync deal with The Suicide Girls so we've had a few notable spikes in our music sales. All good! And we're looking to record again later this year.


Who’s presenting/hosting things and do they have a nice voice – like stepping on a kitchen glove on lino – as Jools has?


Hmm, we want to hold a few things back, so this is going to be one of those 'you'll have to wait and see moments'….All I can say is that this is the first event of its kind in Sheffield – it's going to be amazing! 



Catch Low Duo, Emily Play, David J Roch and Pete David at The Greystones on 3rd August 8pm. Tickets £3 in advance or £5 on the door. Visit Low Duo's Eventbrite for more info.


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