Love 'n Dancing




Ever fancied combining your regular trip to Meadowhall with a bit of a boogie? Well it’s not two things we had ever thought of merging either, but now it’s on offer and we can’t think of a better way to make our retail therapy even more fun than it already was.


Professional dancers Olivia and Adam from City-Limits dance studios will be leading a danceathon (which is set to be the biggest one that shopping centres across our lovely little country have EVER seen!) on Valentine’s Day and they need as many people to get involved as possible.


They will be teaching shoppers to Cha-Cha and Salsa their way through the mall and on-lookers can expect to see store managers, weekly tea dancers and just about everybody else in there getting involved in a bid to prove that Yorkshire is the place to be this Valentine’s Day.


The event will take place from 10:30am-1:30pm in the main dome and to kick it off the professionals will showcase a routine to get you in the mood to bust out your best moves.


Paul Pashley will also be treating you to his velvety tones by singing throughout the day.


And who knows, you may even be influenced by the romance that will no doubt fill the air and pick up a date for the night too! Lovely jubbly.


It's open to absolutely everyone, any age, any ability, so get yourself down there. Visit here for full details.


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