Lorde – Pure Heroine

You know when you come across something special, the first time you heard it is fixed in your memory like a sticky on a noticeboard, for me that happened recently when Royals came on the radio. Sung by the frighteningly young Lorde the track topped the Billboard Chart in the States, some feet for a girl yet to turn sixteen. She states on the albums opening number, Tennis Court “how can I f*** with the fun again when I’m known” she’ll be a household name before the year is out so I hope there’s a strategy in place to stay young and free.


The hype for this New Zealand singer is yet to hit our shores in full force but it will, don’t worry though, her debut LP, Pure Heroine is well worthy of it. Lorde is a brilliant pop star, she looks the part (think sanitised Kate Bush, quirky without being overshadowed by the image), her vocals are strong, sulky yet silky and lyrically, it is far beyond her young years. At times you feel like you are listening to Lana Del Rey but for me, that’s no bad thing, especially as the Video Games singer is calling it quits in the very near future.


Tennis Court is effortlessly catchy, there’s a tender touch of youth in Ribs where the singer shares her fears of growing up, there’s a fair few years to go before worrying about grey hairs and varicose veins, White Teeth Teens has growing pains running through it whilst A World Alone closes the album leaving the listener wanting more.



Pure Heroine is a pop masterpiece that will give Katy Perry and Lady GaGa’s forthcoming releases a run for the money as it has been put together beautifully and sets up for a bright future, as long as the pressure doesn’t get to Lorde and the post-teen fame crisis doesn’t land her in any trouble.



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