Local Hero: Bruce Davies

Bruce Davies is a voice you might be familiar with. He’s the human GPS behind Real Radio’s ‘Look Who’s Stalking’ on Guy Harris’ breakfast show. He’s like the bird that’s always watching and waiting to swoop in and capture his prey. Only not quite that menacing. This Sheffield based bloke has a real knack for celeb stalking – ahem spotting – and invites viewers to guess the celeb he’s been talking to each week.


So, it’s safe to say you’re pretty good at stalking. Tell us, what’s your secret?

My secret is I like to check local papers and magazines – especially Exposed – to find out who’s in the area and when! Then I go to the venue with my real radio bag and my digital recorder and ask the celeb nicely if they can record a message for the quiz.


You’ve met over 200 celebs through the years. Who’s the most famous person you’ve ever tracked down?

It has to be Nick Clegg! Or, then again, it could be Piers Morgan! Or, then again, it could be James Corden! I’ll let the reader's decide.


And the nicest?

Jeremy Kyle, our 200th celeb, was lovely. I went to his TV studio in Manchester and was invited to his dressing room to do a message for the quiz.


You seem to have a knack for getting into places you’re not really meant to be, like dressing rooms. Have you ever had any awkward moments?

Luckily, I haven't managed to creep any celebs out. I just get the odd one or two who tell me to write their agents.


If we wanted to meet our fave celeb, how would we go about it?

It's best to turn up a couple of hours before a gig or show and go and wait by the stage door. Hopefully, the celeb will stop and sign.


Finally, do you have any personal heroes that you haven’t met and would like to?

I’d really love to meet the legend that is Noel Edmonds. To get a message from him would be brilliant! Holly Willoughby would be great as well. I don't ask for much.


Tune in to Guy Harris’ breakfast show on Real Radio from 8am-12pm Saturdays and catch Bruce on Look Who’s Stalking at 9.30am. You can also download the free Look Who’s Stalking app at the iTunes store.



By guessing who Bruce has been stalking you can win ‘The Real Radio Bag of Nowt’ – the money can't buy prize (because they don't sell them).

See www.realradioyorkshire.co.uk for more.




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