Like a Pig in Muck

We like keeping it in the (Sheffield) family, so when Itchy Pig Records announced they were adding Abe to their books it was only too soon for the cities music lovers.
The Sheffield three piece have been hovering on Itchy Pig’s radar for some time so it came as no surprise to see the band snapped up after impressive performances earlier in the year.
Described by Itchy Pig as ‘that something special that pop up into the scene every now and again’, Abe certainly inject a fresh new dimension into the cities music scene. Although pigeon-holed as ‘electronic’ and ‘experimental’, the true sound of the band is like no other, teetering between 80’s melodies and ‘chill out’ instrumentals to give a timeless finish. 
Abe simply need to be heard to be appreciated: 

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