Led Bib supported by Inclusion Principle & King Capisce, The Harley

Tonight, prog is back, in The Harley of all places.
King Capisce sift their delightful mix of rock and jazz through the bubbling audience, with two tenor saxes standing tall centre stage. We are treated to a preview of their forthcoming single, sounding like an instrumental Mars Volta. The best I've seen the five-piece play.

Inclusion Principle look like they're all in their 50s and wield no less than four saxophones of mightily varying sizes and two laptops. Their set consisted of one specially written twenty-five minute mostly atonal piece, with electronics reminiscent of early Autechre: crunching top-end, warm sub bass and droning pads. 

The highlight of this epic set was when a whistle was quickly whipped from a pocket to be played for 2 seconds. Perhaps this doesn't sound great from the description, but you really had to be there.

As soon as the Londoners Led Bib begin, there's a definite swing to the room as saxophones again blast out complex tunes over octave-pedalled bass, whilst the distorted organ stabs through the dense mix. The drummer finds time to roll the snare with ease whilst smashing the bell on the ride cymbal and flailing over the toms. 

As much I am a fan of experimental music, having three bands consecutively playing in this style got a bit much towards the end of the gig, and I left during the encore. Overall, it seemed like everyone there had an amazing night, so thanks Small Ideas. More jazz-rock in Sheffield soon, please.
James Sztuka

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