Last Chance Saloon with Exposed Awards

Hey you. Yea, you. In the tux, with the fedora. Wha’chya doin’ round our turf??
You crumbs know the deal by now. Our Exposed Awards voting period is up at midnight on Friday- and word is you ain’t voted.
See, the problem we have is that these here awards are made up from 100% reader votes, so we can’t have you guys not pullin’ your weight, caphice? We’re heavy in the office at the moment, and unless you want an angry mob of journalists, graphic designers, web designers and work experience students round your way, we think you better get submitting.
The drop is in April, at the 02 in Sheffield, England. Wanna join the party? Find out how.
Exposed would like to whole-heartedly thank The American Mafia- Underworld Slang for their endless help.
You guys make us look awesome.

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