Lady Gaga: Born This Way

Lady Gaga – Born This Way by Interscope Records
The Basics
With all the hype surrounding Lady Gaga it’s safe to say that a majority of the public, monsters excluded, were expecting this album to be either be a complete flop, or a regurgitation of previous successes. However Born This Way is neither of these things, and shows just how far Gaga has come in a few short years.
The most distinctive change from her debut album is the subject matter. The Fame was far more explicit (Disco Stick being a prime example), whereas Born This Way focuses on accepting and rejoicing in the way you are, coupled with a large serving of religious iconography (JC gets a mention in pretty much every song).
The Verdict
The album moves from the ridiculously catchy Born This Way into Government Hooker, easily the raunchiest track, but considering Gaga’s track record it’s decidedly tame. However it’s the sixth track, Hair, that really encompasses the empowering theme, in a way that the title track doesn’t quite manage.
Although the album as a whole has an upbeat tempo, with songs such as Bloody Mary, using Mary Magdalene as the main protagonist and Heavy Metal Lover, You And I is distinctively slower and proves that Gaga doesn’t have to shock to get noticed.
However it’s The Edge Of Glory, which for some reason comes second to last, that is the real surprise. Supposedly written for her late grandpa but given a bit of a romantic twist, it’s this amazing track, with lyrics such as ‘I’m hanging on a moment with you’, that is the highlight of the album. If it weren’t for the badly judged remix of Born This Way which has been tagged onto the end, it would round off the album beautifully. 


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