Keep It Green With #NotDriving

In addition to celebrating the best that Sheffield has to offer, Exposed Awards 2013 will also see the launch of a brand new campaign aiming to encourage people to stop driving and use other means of transport…
The #notdriving campaign is set to raise awareness throughout Sheffield and South Yorkshire on the environmental and road safety benefits of leaving the car at home.
#notdriving was initially rolled out as a pilot scheme at Olympics’ festival Sheftival where people were inspired to ditch the car en route to the festival and pledge the saved number of car miles online using the not driving hash tag. Over 10,000 miles were pledged on Twitter and Facebook by festival goers and travel partners Supertram and City Taxis – offsetting a staggering carbon footprint of 2.74 tonnes.
For its 2013 launch, #notdriving has received support from many local businesses, live music venues, shops, events and festivals who’ll all be giving away regular prizes on in exchange for people pledging miles. The prizes will range from free tickets and money-off promotions to product giveaways and luxury high-end prizes – making a destination website for commuters across the county. The 2013 campaign has been set up by a crack team of Sheffield based creatives supported by the Local Sustainable Transport Fund to promote the sustainable travel networks linking Sheffield, Doncaster, Barnsley and Rotherham.
The long term vision of #notdriving is to raise awareness of damage caused to the environment by the offset of carbon emissions and to change the travelling habits of South Yorkshire’s residents – ultimately making it a healthier and safer place to live. With many of Sheffield’s major cultural events backing the campaign, plus PR stunts and surprises planned for the year, it’s likely you’ll be seeing #notdriving everywhere you go – just make sure it’s not from the driving seat of your car!
You can keep out the full details of the scheme here, or go check out the #notdriving Facebook and follow them @NOTDRIVING.
Photograph courtesy Dan Sumption. Thank you Mr S.

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