Keep An i On This Lot

In today’s day-and-age, a mobile phone is a must. With the ever-popular smart phone becoming increasingly more prevalent, we’re more dependent on our mobiles than ever before.
Luckily for us, the little ‘iMobile’ store in Abbeydale is expanding and has just opened up a new store in Crookes – which means even more phone fun for us. A lot of independent phone shops come and go but iMobile are confident that the countless services they provide will prove to be a hit in the busy Crookes area. The men in charge have been working with mobile phones for twelve years and went straight into business once they’d graduated.
They provide a repair service from just £10 and they also unlock phones and sell numerous useful accessories, from replacement mains to car chargers.
Whilst you may be expecting to see rows of iPhones and Blackberrys lined up in the cabinets (which there are), a few old-school Nokia handsets caught our eye. iMobile explained that they also provide a buy-and-sell service so not only can you purchase a phone there but you can also sell your old model. They believe this is much safer than selling a phone online because you can just bring the phone in, have it checked in twenty minutes and walk away cash-in-hand, rather than sending it through the post and giving away your bank details. 
Arguably the best phone shop in the area at the moment, be sure sure to pop to iMobile soon – all their products are compatible with any phone network.
Call 0114 266 5298 for more.

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