Kartica 'All Yours' – Indie Right Direction

Kartica, those tykes of the lad-rock/tracksuit top persuasion, have only gone and returned with our new favourite song. Commence: Big Things …
Sometimes, sadly, really really big tunes seem few and fair between. Yet sometimes, without expecting it, a local troupe step out with a confident new number which baffles you with its brilliance. Like an Oasis in the desert (s­­teady…)

Underpinned by a creeping guitar riff straight out of prime-era Stone Roses, 'All Yours' is a towering five minute stormer, with a chorus straight off of Bramall Lane. Even if you can resist the hooks, you can't resist the Hook. Lead singer Mathew Hook has made a blue and brooding video for 'All Yours' in the back of a car roaming 'round Sheffield, and he's gone shades on throughout. There's also a woman walking about town. What could it all mean?
If that wasn't enough, Kartica have a little extra. Like ADHD gift givers, the band have an early Christmas present for you with B-Sides ‘The Pavement’s a Battleground’ and ‘Shackled Existence’. Oh, you guysss…
You can check out Kartica at their website here, Facebook here or follow them @Karticamusic.

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