Josh Widdicombe gets The Memorial Hall chuckling

The Last Laugh Comedy Festival continued last night at The Memorial Hall with The Last Leg and regular panel show guest Josh Widdicombe. To warm up the crowd was comedienne Suzi Ruffell. Often referred to as 'the toughest job in entertainment' Suzi made it look like a breeze as she won over the audience immediately thanks to her likeable charisma and strong material.


The up-and-coming joke teller looked at ease on stage as she spoke candidly about growing into adulthood, from never being 'cool' to drunken nights out, embarrassing family situations and generally feeling like an awkward twenty something. If ice breakers are ever needed give Suzi Ruffell a call.


The headliner immediately followed Suzi, not wanting to allow the audience to cool down as he split his set in two. The young comedian has been on the circuit for a few years now, his TV appearances gave helped build his profile but watching him perform on stage you can see why he has gained notoriety amongst his peers.


Part one mostly consisted with material already familiar (just search Youtube and it is there from various shows, word-for-word) whilst getting familiar with the audience and that it where Josh is at his best. The quick-witted Londoner had to ab-lib his way through bizarre audience interactions as they surprised him with baffling responses. The first front rower (Mick) that Josh picked out proved to be full of accidental punchlines, refusing to read out the messages on 'Love Hearts' (the sweets), claiming to be dyslexic, the comedians face dropped as guilt sunk in, only for him to claim that was a lie, he actually had a phobia of microphones, instead of the revelation throwing Josh off he worked it brilliantly in to the set continuously.


After a twenty minute interval Josh returned to the stage with a round of applause like the first part never happened. The following hour and a bit revolved around a coffee table consisting of an old telephone, passports, a packet of Love Hearts, super noodles and the Snowman on DVD, all coming with endless anecdotes linking in within one another seamlessly.


The London emphasises his stories in a childlike manner, taking past disappointments as opportunities for great stories whilst he sees the world through the eyes of a wise and realistic man. 


There wasn't a punchline in the set that didn't come with laughs from the whole audience. If he keeps this up he'll be headlining bigger venues in the very near future.


Josh Widdecombe Live And Another Thing DVD is released on 18th November.



Memorial Hall

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