Jonathan Jeremiah: A Solitary Man

Word of warning – if you've just split up with your girlfriend, don't listen to this album. For 35 minutes this guy harps on about every depressing memory or confusing thought any of us have ever had when faced with the end of a relationship.

“I hate her. I love her. She's hurt me but she's sound. Will there be anyone else like her,” etc. etc.
Of course sometimes this can be of comfort. If you like to wallow in self pity and have someone relating to how you feel then don't be shy of giving this a download.
His song-writing style is akin to that of moody acoustic hero Nick Drake, and  nearly all of Jeremiah's songs could be a Drake B-side.
And that's the problem really. 
There's no denying the guy has a talent to write good songs, it's just  the album is basically a box-ticker and lacks a certain degree of authenticity and heart.
Decent voice – check. Moody string backing – check. Complimentary upbeat track – check. Tap the body of the acoustic guitar because that's cool now – check.
On the plus side some of the songs are very good. Heart of Stone is an upbeat, blues style little number with an easy to remember chorus.
And album opener, If You Only, is driven by a beautiful picked guitar sequence which will no doubt end up in a 101 Acoustic Songs to Learn music book.
Sadly though it's a bit of a shameful record because in these songs we hear the promise of a potentially good songwriter, but ultimately there are few reasons to go back to the record for a second or third listen.
Basically even if you don't listen to the record, you've heard it before.
Loic Tuckey


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