Jim Connolly's X-ray Vision

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s…THE MAN OF STEEL CITY!
Sheffield’s newest superhero is the brainchild of Jim Connolly, a super-talented artist who brings Sheffield’s popular heroes to life with his comic-style art prints. He’s already taken on Hendo’s relish and the Tinsley Towers, and this time he’s transformed the world’s most famous superhero – steel city style.
Taking on Superman is no mean feat – he’s debatably the world’s best superhero (I'd say it's Batman, personally), but Connolly’s version is a brilliant success and sees Superman in an alternative Sheffield universe. Taking five minutes out from rescuing cats from tall trees, Jim explained the inspiration for the print to Exposed Magazine. “The idea partly came from hearing the title of the 2013 Zack Snyder Superman flick (‘The Man Of Steel’). I’ve also been watching some of the original Superman cartoons from the 40s which still look amazing and reading various Superman graphic novels like ‘Red Son’. I thought his tagline and the ‘Steel’ link worked so well for Sheffield.”
The finished print is pure genius, but Connolly says that there were some good ideas axed along the way. “The fourth panel was originally going to have him flying with the dog as Superman did with Lois Lane in the films. I thought it would look just a bit too silly but partly regret not putting it in." he explains. "I debated which building he should be jumping and decided the Arts Tower made sense.” 
So who would Jim like for the inevitable Man of Steel City movie adaptation? “Well if it was a Steel City Superman flick I could see Dominic West from The Wire playing it well," Explains Jim. "It’s a little known fact that he’s from Fulwood originally and he’s a heroic chap. He also played the baddie ‘Jigsaw’ in the recent Punisher flick and stole the show.”
He's faster than a speeding whippet and has grappled with the metal monsters that we know as Supertrams. Best of all, he's a good old local bloke. We salute you Man Of Steel City!
This trailer from Northshot sums up what Sheffield's Son is all about: 

Head over to Jim’s website where you can see and buy amazing prints of this and the rest of the illustrations in the series. 
But wait! Jim has very kindly donated a Man Of Steel City print for two lucky Exposed readers. Just use the comments box below to tell us about your Steel City superpowers! We'll pick our favorite and speed a poster your way. 

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