Iron Man 2

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It’s the start of blockbuster season, so let’s roll out the cash cows. First out of the gates is the sequel to one of the surprise hits of 2008, Iron Man. That was the film that both put Downey Jr. back on the map, Tony Stark being one of his most pitch-perfect performances and also showed just how truly ace a comic-book movie can be when it’s done properly.
This time, with the whole world knowing that Tony Stark is the armoured hero Iron Man, the billionaire industrialist must contend with governmental pressure to share his technology with the military whilst dealing with things like his hot new assistant turning out to be the Black Widow, mental Russian villain Whiplash (Rourke) and a one-eyed Sam Jackson banging on about ‘the Avenger Initiative’. It’s no wonder the guy needs a drink.
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Hell yes. I don’t know anyone out there who dislikes Downey Jr, and there’s little doubt that Tony Stark is a role that he was born to play. But this isn’t just his movie, as Marvel are building towards an Avengers movie a few years away, films such as this and the up coming Captain America and Thor movies are laying the ground work, but therein lies the source of my consternation – there are so many variables in this film alone that, whilst lip service may be paid to Stark’s impending alcoholism, for example, there simply won’t be enough time to do it all justice. Still, the first one proved that when attempted, one can bottle lightning. The question remains, can they do it again?

In it
Robert Downey Jr., Mickey Rourke, Sam Rockwell

Behind it
Jon Favreau

Metallically Ace

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