Ipad3 still up for grabs in day 4 of The Pinnacles takeover.

Enough with the questions already!
As we head into Day 4 of student accomodation big wigs The Pinnacles takeover, Dave the bug (now famed for being great at hide and seek) is starting to get a tad annoying.
With an Ipad3 up for grabs at £25 worth of Amazon vouchers to give away everyday, tension is running high.
Today's clue:
Dave has started in with the questions. Always asking questions! He wants to know:
Where can i book a room at The Pinnacles?
When is my rent due?
Do i have to pay council tax?
These are questions we're pretty sure other people have asked before, by a few people. So today, we've frogmarched him to a section in the website where all his obvious questions can be answered and he can stop bothering us. He's still there now, so go find him!
When you've been to The Pinnacles website and found that little critter, drop us an email at phil@exposedmagazine.co.uk or enter HERE.
Ps. Congratulations to RUBY BAKER for winning £25 Amazon Vouchers yesterday! You lucky duck.

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