Interview with Slow Club

Interview with Slow Club ahead of Tramlines 2014.


Not many Sheffield bands can count a Hollywood A-lister as a fan – but where Slow Club are concerned – not only is Harry Potter himself an admirer – but he’s even starred in one of their videos. So on the back of their latest album, the delectable ‘Complete Surrender’, Olivia Riches caught up with Charles and Rebecca to find out just how they ended up mates with Daniel Radcliffe…


Hi guys – really nice to catch up. You’re having a really busy 2014 so far a new album, bags of live gigs and of course Tramlines on the way. How are you feeling about the journey you’ve been on so far?

R: Everyday, I think “I can’t believe this is still happening.” There has never been a master plan, or an idea of where we wanted to be, were both just enjoying every second. Sometimes were almost a bit too down to earth I think.  I’ll have these kind of humbling moments where I realise how lucky we are, and as long as people keep coming we will keep playing and writing songs that we love. I think I’m definitely the “Oh My God” one out of the two! Charles keeps us grounded as a group.


Would you change it for the world?

Both: Absolutely not!

R: We’ve really had chance to grow as a band and with our song writing, we didn’t get catapulted straight to fame with our first records and I think that has given us chance to progress and experiment with different sounds. There’s not really a formula that we’re sticking to we’re just enjoying making the music. I think we’ve built up a fan base of people who enjoy all of our sound whatever genre that it ends up in and the experimentation that’s taken place.


How would you describe your sound?

C: I would say classic song writing…


So you don’t decide which part of HMV you end in?

C: (giggles) no unfortunately not! But folk, pop, acoustic … something!

R: When you have been making music and producing a record, and you get to the point where you’re happy with it, you think ‘Oh it sounds like…whoever’. But if I start telling people ‘We’re like the new Fleetwood Mac’, that sounds ridiculous right? But when we were writing I listened to Rumours over and over and so the Fleetwood Mac thing stuck!


Tell us about the album? Where would you say your influences have come from? Has it been experiences, places or people?

C: As a creative process it was very easy for us. We both really enjoyed making this record and being based in Sheffield surrounded by friends and family meant it was a really great summer. We literally had a wonderful time.

R: Yeah I definitely agree. We created the record at Yellow Arch Studios. The guys, Col and Eliot, made it such an easy process and very enjoyable. Charles and I both have a strong base of friends in Sheffield, they make me feel good and that in turn is reflected is making records. It’s our best album to date and I have the best of both worlds. We almost didn’t realise what we needed was some time at home but still being to work and do what we love until we had it! We’re involved in every stage of production, especially Charles and every vocal I am excited to sing.


We really enjoyed the video for ’Suffering me, Suffering you’ (strangely Charles pulls off tweed flat cap and gold chain really well!) Whose idea was it? Did you really want it to be filmed in Sheffield?

C: We had lots of fun with that video – and a great thing about it being filmed in Sheffield is that we had a lovely crew. Our parents and friends and supporters were able to see us work or contribute in some way. For example the Queens Social Club allowed us to use their rooms all day when filming some of the scenes.

R: Well this was my baby in a way. I want to be an actress, and it was a very interesting juxtaposition between the song and lyrics and the relationship between trainer and athlete. What I wrote about in the song is what’s in the video. The guys who worked with us are amazing and I really enjoyed it; filming in Sheffield is so much easier as people are willing to help you out.


Is it an ode to Rocky?

R: I’d say more million dollar baby! (giggles)


You’ve also made a music video with Daniel Radcliffe as the loan character for the track ‘Beginners’ how did that come about?

R: Daniel is actually a fan, he really likes our music, and so we met him and did an interview together. The three of us clicked and got on very well. Then we needed an actor for Beginners, so we asked Daniel and he was like ‘Sure!’ He was able to just take the emotions he felt listening to the track and then execute them for the camera. He loved it!


What do you think is the quality that cements you two together? It seems flawless but do you have your scraps?

C: The jokes and the humour.

R: Absolutely the humour, even when it’s tense, it’s funny.


Out of the two of you who do you think has the higher vocal range?

C: (laughs)

R: He can get pretty high; I push him higher I think! I, on the other hand, think I’m losing it! I’m nearly an old dog.


How many times have you been to Tramlines? Has it always been an ambition to play there?

C: We’ve attended four over the years and played three times. It’s nice to have something in Sheffield, hang out with friends, have some beers and see some new talent. It’s an opportunity to share a little work with friends.  


What can the Sheffield faithful expect on the night? Who will you be sneaking off to see?

C: There will be songs from all three albums and obviously new singles off the last record. A real mixture, we’re ready!

R: Seize the Chair; I will definitely be heading out to see them!


Finally… Do you take a bottle of Hendo’s on tour with you?

C: No we don’t (sorry) but I have it on good authority that Richard Hawley has a flight case for his bottle!


Slow Club’s new album Complete Surrender is out now.

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