Interview with Rixton

Exposed met Rixton ahead of their Sheffield O2 Academy this month. 


Manchester lads Rixton hit the ground running back in July – when debut single Me and My Broken Heart crashed straight in at number one in the UK charts.

With follow-up tune Wait For Me out this month, and an appearance at Sheffield’s O2 Academy on the horizon, we caught up with bass/keys man Danny for a chinwag.


Afternoon Danny, how’s your day been so far?

Very productive, actually. I’ve been writing songs – rock ‘n’ roll.


I believe you’ve been in the States recently. How was that for you?

Yeah, it was a lot of fun – they’ve really taken to us there. We did North America. The best bit was the tour bus, mate – proper fancy – PS4s, the lot.


You guys seemingly came from nowhere – hitting number 1 with your first single Me and My Broken Heart’. Where were you when you heard the news and how did you celebrate?

We were actually backstage at Liverpool’s Echo Arena waiting to go on stage – all huddled around this iPhone we that were streaming it on. Just as they were about to announce it, Lewi accidentally popped the Champagne and it started going everywhere. I had to try and down it quickly… it ended up coming out of my mouth and nose. Right glam.


You’ve got a gig at the O2 Academy here next month. What can we expect from it?

Four lads, all best mates, having a laugh – not afraid to make fools of themselves. We always say to everyone ‘leave your problems at the door’. We just want everyone to have as much fun as we’re having.


Would you class yourselves as a boyband?

We’re a bunch of boys… in a band. At the end of the day, we write our own songs, play our own instruments, love performing, girls… everything that goes with it. For me, we’re simply a band.


I believe it was yourself and Jake who first formed the band, right?

Yeah, about six years ago me and Jake started a writing partnership. We knew then that we wanted to be in it for the long haul – not a flash in the pan thing. Charley was in another band at the time. He was with them for about 10 years before we came along and essentially stole him. Lewi actually tried it on with Jake’s girlfriend at the time. She was like, ‘there’s this guy hitting on me… but he’s a drummer.’ Funny how things pan out.


Jake’s dad’s Shane Richie. I’m gonna guess you’ve met him. What’s he like?

He’s one of the soundest guys you’ll ever meet. He’s just like us. Likes a laugh, likes a drink… just a really sound bloke.


What would you say has been your career highlight to date?

We sold out the legendary El Rey in La – which was incredible. And playing Wembley was a big deal. People say ‘where do you go from there?’ For me, it’ll be about going back to Wembley and headlining it in our own right.


Who would you say your biggest influences are?

Ryan Tedder (OneRepublic) is an amazing songwriter – you know it’s one of his tunes as soon as you hear it. Some people have referred to us as a British Maroon 5 – and we’re big fans of them… oh, and Bruno Mars is brilliant. He’s got some right moves too.


Finally, what’s on the horizon for Rixton?

We’ll have the new single (Wait On Me) out November 9, hopefully people will like it. We do, for what it’s worth. We’re heading back to America to tour with Ariana Grande, which’ll be mega, another tour of the UK – and the album should be dropping around March. Exciting times.


Words: Carl Reid.


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