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Renowned for his monstrous live shows, that transform venues everywhere into colossal party scenes, major UK DJ Example is hitting Sheffield this month for a highly anticipated show at the O2 Academy.

Having made his major debut on the UK music scene with breakthrough single ‘Kickstarts’, which peaked at number 3 in the official UK singles chart, he’s since had countless UK Top 40 singles – and recently released fifth studio album ‘Live Life Living’. We caught up with the man himself to talk parties, positivity and impending parenthood…


So, you’re heading to our fair Sheffield shores. Are you a fan of the city?

Massive fan! I’ve been playing shows there for years and had some mad nights out. My first show was supporting Plan B at The Leadmill which is an amazing venue – great vibe. That was in 2006. Then I did a few shows at The Plug, played the Academy about five times, done the Arena last year. That’s almost a decade of Sheffield nights out!


What can we expect from an Example show?

Expect my whole back catalogue, all the hits from albums two to five, the crowd favourites and a few new bits thrown in there for good measure. This will be my last tour for quite some time as I’m having a baby in the New Year and then I’m going to spend more time focusing on acting.


You’ve played all around the world, in some of the biggest party scenes, have you got a favourite?

To be honest, places like South Africa, Thailand, Australia, Miami, New York you would always expect to be exciting – but then you can be surprised by crowds in places you wouldn’t expect like South Korea, Finland and Malta! Then, after not touring the UK for a year, you come home and realise we have some of the maddest crowds in the world.


What’s the best thing about being on tour?

I enjoy the daily routine of waking up on the tour bus, make a smoothie, maybe train with the band, watch a movie, table tennis, sound check, few interviews, meet the fans outside, gig, few drinks after the show. Repeat.


And the worst?

Sometimes you miss your own bed. The flights and hotels can be tiring but, generally speaking, the UK tours on the bus are the most fun and the easiest.


Your latest album is called ‘Live Life Living’ – is that the motto you lead your life by?

Not really. It’s just a line taken from one of the songs on the album. It’s a very positive outlook on life and I’m very positive at the moment for the first time in ages – so I guess you can read into it however you want. I actually wish I’d called the album something else.



Your wife Erin is expecting your first child together, how are you feeling?

I can't wait! We wanted kids and it feels like the right time. I just can’t wait ‘til I can actually start speaking to them.


Are you hoping he/she is going to be a ‘head banger’ like yourself?

(Laughs) I dunno. I hope they like music as much as me, but I’ll let them choose their own path in life.


Do you think the little one will be a fan of your music?

When they’re younger, they will hopefully be. But, when kids become teenagers, they often dislike everything about their parents and see them as very uncool – so let’s wait and see.


Will we be seeing songs related to the hardships of being a first time dad on your next album?

I hope not. No one wants to hear about that… do they?


Sheffield has a massive young population. Do you have any words of wisdom?

Wow. I could talk all day about this kinda thing. I just say follow your dreams. Anything is achievable if you put your mind to it. But don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Some people know what they want to do at 16. Others don’t realise until they’re 35 or even 40 what their path is in life. I wanted to be a film director. Then I ended up making music – but, before that I did landscape gardening, removals, scaffolding, editing, voice-overs. At 27 years old I was 30k in debt – and a year later I had the first of my UK top 5 singles and albums.


Example plays O2 Academy Sheffield November 8. Tickets are £27.50, see for more.



Example’s real name is Elliot Gleave.

His first experience of rapping was through a rap battle at a house party in Shepherd's Bush in 1994 when he was 12 years old.

As a child, Gleave was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome.

Following graduation in 2003, he worked in Australia for a year in the props departments of films such as Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

He also once worked as a voiceover artist and editor for the Paramount Comedy Channel.


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