Inter Stars with Screaming Maldini

The general theme for In Session is 'frantic' (in fact, the likes of Hey Sholay's 'Burning' basically cross over into 'flammable') so it's been a nice switch to a little more chilled celebration of everything Christmassy with a cool-as-ice Screaming Maldini  for our Holiday Special Exposed In Session. Also, Christmas jumpers!
We've already come to the third and final track from the jubilant, Arcade Fire-ey six piece – who produce the kind of chills you normally only get from a Snowball down the back of your Parka. This is 'Winter Stars'. 

Wondering who we've got for next month? Scoot over to our Facebook page, where we're revealing all this avo. And drop over to Screaming Maldini's website here, where you can find out all about their debut album – out Feb.

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