Inside the Volcanoes' lair

Every supervillain knows Volcanoes are great at hiding secrets…
The Sheffield five piece – a lethal cross between Supergrass and being hit in the back of the head with a rainbow – are jealously guarding details of their world dominating first album, currently being recorded in a subterranean location somewhere in the city. But we've got our best agent on the case – you! 
The Exposed In Session stars are spiling the beans on their first long player on Google Docs and Exposed Readers with the smarts to access the treacherous tech can get diary entries, photos, exclusive videos and more direct from the Volcanoes' mouth! 
It's webby chronicle of chat, tunes and dissing one another's Pro Evo madskillz, all written and built by Volcanoes themselves. A world of adventurous eavesdropping awaits in Volcanoes' regularly updated Google hideaway here – exclusive to Exposed!

The Volcanoes' Rehearsal Room, yesterday.
We'll be doing a Q&A with the band in the next couple of weeks, so use the comments section below to let us know if you agree with guitarist Shirl's hatred of liver and kidneys ("- to eat. I appreciate they serve a valuable role medically…") or if the lyric "I am that tree in the forest…" is really as hilarious as drummer Ash finds it. In the meantime, click the microdotted play button below to hear the infectious itch of  Volcanoes' fave 'She's On Me'…
She's On Me
And whet your appetite with an exclusive interview-ette…
EXPOSED – So! Volcanoes! What you up to?
Samson Bedford (SB) – We’re at the very beginnings of writing our first album. Aiming to record next summer. I originally wanted to do a kind of 'best of', but Boa said that was a silly idea, why don’t we do an original album?
What you got so far?
SB – We’ve got four songs at 70%…
That’s pretty exact.
SB – Well what I did was I times'd it, then I divided by the number of how long the songs should have been –
Boa International (BI) – Then timesed it by a hundred.
SB – I write songs all the time just by humming them onto my phone. And Kev’s doing the same…
Could we hear some of those?
SB – Ah, they’re really embarrassing…
Then its a deal! Are you looking forward to recording the album's progress on your very own Google Doc?
BI – It’ll be quite funny. Usually when you hear an album you don’t know the history behind it. The band’s got a different view of it from everyone else cos they know what’s happened. Hopefully it’ll give a bit of an appreciation of what happens with that…

Volcanoes' latest EP, Vexihomp is out now and available via the band's website.  The Google Doc-based chronicle of their first album 'Volcanoes' Mouth' is here.

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