Indie revelations with Pistola Kicks

Pistola Kicks double A-side single ‘Proceed/Advance’/’Lazy Baby Hurricane’ is another wildcard in the Sheffield band’s impressive repertoire.
But we have questions! What’s behind the Pistola’s love of the countryside? How do they feel about fan’s theories about their songs? And who is the mysterious woman in the cover artwork?
“Our songs can be quite cryptic and I think that might be because I write lyrics in quite a hesitant way,” Says guitarist and singer Joe Moran. “I come from a hard working Irish Catholic family from the Black Country – when I wasn't working on a construction site I was helping my brother and dad with farming – so talking about feelings isn't exactly top of the agenda! But by not going the full distance with revealing the content, I find it allows people to identify and relate to the song more.
“What I would say is that the music we create is focussed on mood and feeling more than anything else. We’re all fans of film soundtracks and they’re great at this. It’s a real challenge giving the listener enough for them to make contact with the song without making it so much of a mystery that it’s forgotten. Hopefully, people take what they want, their imaginations are fired basically start to do what I did, which is to create a story for the song.
“I actually find it amazing that audience members or listeners want to bend my ear with what they think our songs are about. It actually makes me feel I have achieved something.

So what about the new single?
"Lazy baby Hurricane" is about falling out of favour – but with a place rather than a girl as it might seem. It is about giving up and going back home to essentially do what my family have been doing for centuries – farming. I think there is something primal and rewarding about being outside and working the land. City life gets on top of me quite often! ‘Proceed, Advance’ is more of a love song – in fact it's quite close to the wire in terms of revealing the subject.
“The cover’s full of references to the songs actually. There’s literally a ‘Proceed, Advance’ in the passing of the note and the woman is the personification of the city/place in ‘Lazy Baby Hurricane’. What I will not tell you is what is written in the note. C'mon – I've given you a good 75% of our secrets already! Hopefully there’s enough mysteries left to get people thinking…”
'Proceed/Advance' 'Lazy Baby Hurricane' is out now. Thanks to Patrick Handley for photos.

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