In The Nursery: Blind Sound

The Basics
In The Nursery have been making music in Sheffield since 1981.  They are chiefly known in the UK for their film soundtracks to silent era movies, although abroad they are much more widely appreciated. 
This is a studio album release which coincides with a concert to celebrate 30 years of making music.
The Verdict
This is classic ITN, in epic mode, striding from your speakers and sweeping all before them. 
Each of the ten tracks has an identity of its own, yet they all seem to form part of the whole sound of this album. 
By including harp, violin, cello and clarinet players they have added a new dimension to their epic, classical sound, and the uplifting moments are truly spine-chilling. 
This is ambient sound with a real emotional edge and depth, produced in a way only In The Nursery can achieve, making this the most significant release from a Sheffield band this year.


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