In A World…

A comedy drama about a woman breaking the glass ceiling in the voiceover industry? Well, stranger things have given us great films…


Starring, written, produced and directed by Lake Bell, in her direction debut, the film’s clearly aiming at the US indie crowd, if you loved Garden State, this is just the kind of fix you’ve been begging for. Everyone else though will be purely apathetic.


It’s clear that Bell can’t balance and manage all the roles she’s taken on, and this is mostly noticeable on the directorial front. At times the film is rudderless and all sense of pacing and momentum is lost – killing any connection the audience has made with the characters.


Melamed stands out in what is otherwise just ‘The Lake Bell Show’ with an excellent performance. It’s a tonic that refreshes after a summer of blockbusters and kids’ movies, but the potential was there for it to be so much more.


Taylor Iscariot

In it
Cast: Lake Bell, Fred Melamed, Ken Marino

Behind it
Director: Lake Bell


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