Ice cream, sweets & Polish animation for all! A day at the Showroom with Exposed

Nurse! The screens! Exposed is going all Last Action Hero with a day behind the scenes at indie cinema par excellence (that's right, we know French) The Showroom.
It's a huge day for Sheffield's theatre of dreams tomorrow. There's the start of kids (and grownups, let's be honest) festival Shocomotion – featuring the new Top Cat movie, Sesame Street tearjerker Being Elmo and more Polish puppets than the Lublin committee; the premiere of Wes Anderson's Bruce Willis & Bill Murray starrer Moonrise Kingdom plus live folk americana with Moving Mountains. We'll be doing three sessions with The Showroom across the day, including chat and disagreement over Kung Fu Panda 2 with Showcomotion's youth jury, a lick-your-screen gorgeous behind the scenes look at new Showroom chef Simon's homemade sweets and ice cream, an exclusive performance from folk and ting Moving Mountains guru Laura and more! 
It all kicks off at 10am tomorrow, with free ice cream (we're still searching for words to describe how amazing their Chocolate Brownie variety is), tickets and more. Just give us a follow @ExposedMagSheff! And throw some popcorn  @ShowroomCinema's way too!
Photo (c) 2012 Paul Newcombe. 

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