I is for… Ice Cream

Tuesday March 27, 1pm
Crikey, it’s another scorcher out there – which means a rethink of our original plan. ‘I’ was gonna stand for IMAX (The Hunger Games is on the bill), but two hours sat inside a dark, albeit impressive theatre, simply won’t do on a day like this (Sheffield sun is fleeting after all). A quick brainstorm and we plump for ice cream – which means the slight jaunt out to High Cliffe Farm and the Our Cow Molly ice cream parlour. Not exactly on the radar this place, but also only a short drive from Stannington. My Mercury motor gets me there in no time… despite slowing down for passing pheasants.
I love this place – and main man Eddie is one of the loveliest guys you’ll ever meet. He and his team deserve every single plaudit they get. He’s mowing the fields when I drop by, topless no less, but he’s more than happy to take time out to sort me with a cherry cola cone. Oh my.

It’s also lambing season here too so it’s there’s a wonderful Spring feeling in the air. Be sure to pay them a visit soon as, yeah?
After loading me up with pots of ice cream for the office, we’re back on the road to the city centre. J and K had been troubling Team Exposed for a while and, after putting a social media call out for ideas, we were still troubled (Jousting, jogging, kissing and kayaking? Really?). Still, sorting the wheat from the chaff, we ended up with a couple of winners…
Here's Nice Guy Eddie showing us what's what at the ice-cream parlour


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