Human League: Credo

The basics
No one needs an introduction to Phil, Joanne and Susan.  Their sound has never really gone away, courtesy La Roux, Little Boots and Lady Gaga, and all three have professed their devotion for, and debt to the ‘the future of pop music’ that was once the Human League. 
Their last album of new material was released in 2001, so this might be thought of as long overdue.
The verdict
The production was always going to be an important part of this album, and by recruiting Sheffield’s I Monster, they have achieved exactly the retro-futuristic sound you would expect. 
Quite what you make of it all really depends on how you regard a group who 30 years on are still ploughing the same groove they pioneered all those years back. 
I’d be the first to criticise them for continuing to rely on past glories, and this album contains some great nostalgic moments, and the cheesy lyrics are as essential as a pair of neon green legwarmers, but the problem remains that others now do it better. 
The track ‘Sky’ could easily be an out-take from Dare or Hysteria, although ‘Privilege’ and particularly ‘Night People’ are less successful.  No matter; see you down at Crazy Daisy’s.
Mark Perkins


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